Sunday, 2 October 2011

My 'Chemical & Salicylate Free' Gastronomic Creations

I have been told so many times that the kind of life that I am living is not a life because of my limited food intake that I've lost count. 

And then I have been told that I am losing out so much in life because I can't eat all the 'wonderful' food which is sold outside.

I won't deny that I do feel very tired with cooking everyday. I won't deny that I do long for all the 'forbidden' food! Sometimes there are long stretches where I can't push myself to cook at all, thus it's chicken soup with all-sorts-of-ingredients for a few days 'till my son tells me that the food is boring! Haha!

One of the benefits that I have reaped from this diet, is that my scalp which was sickly and hair that dropped in clumps AND a severe amount of white hair became healthy and turned so black and thick that my hairdresser thought I had actually gone for a hair dye and some extremely expensive hair treatment! I told her that I'm so allergic to everything that a hair dye is the last thing on my mind. 

For those of you who are in the same boat as I am in, I will share with you how I have been surviving for this past 30 months.

As of today, I am practicing the rotation diet. This means I do not eat the same food twice in a row. What I have eaten today, I'll eat it again next week or 3 or 4 days later. By doing this, the Salicylates which have accumulated in my body do not over-accumulate and cause another attack which could result in anaphylaxis.

My diet consists of chicken (which is free of antibiotics), fish, a selected group of vegetables and fruits and some beans and peas.

I usually cook with just salt and sunflower oil and sometimes pepper. I hardly use sugar anymore because by using natural ingredients, the food is naturally sweet and thus, I do not need to add sugar. It's healthy too! 

I make my own pastries, biscuits and bread too. I use a small amount of sugar for pastries. What are pastries without sugar right? Hehe...

Here are a few examples of the food that I am able to take:
*Some of the food here contain slight amounts of Salicylates which I am able to tolerate (on good days that is).

Roast chicken with salt

Chicken stew with carrots, potatoes, tomatoes (which were from my garden), big onions and celery. This was cooked with just salt and pepper. The rice in the background was cooked with garlic and butter.

Banana cupcakes
Curry puffs (Without the spice and curry that is!)
Egg Tarts
Fried bittergourd with egg

Stir fried mixed vegetables (cauliflower, carrots and brocolli) with chopped garlic

Fried corn fritters
Wholemeal bread
Butter cookies
 Vermicelli fried with choy sum vege and prawns with shallots and garlic

Baked oat crunchies (made with brown sugar, sunflower oil and eggs)

Deep fried baby white pomfret! *Yummy!!*

Steamed chick peas
Stir fried okra with garlic and shallots! Okra's from my garden.

Biscuit bread
Butter cake

An example of my meal: Fried egg, fish cake, and lettuce iceberg with rice.


  1. sometimes i feel everyone should live like you....that's how our great-great parents lived- everybody eat their own grown food- everybody ate "organic" food...

    we are eating so much chemical food now simply because our bodies are yet rejecting those unhealthy ingredients, and we're just eating it without thinking coz our body does not react strongly like your body does...

    Food production companies take granted of this and produce more and more chemical food and whilst stupid human poison themselves slowly and unconsciously....

    if everyone's bodies react strongly towards chemical ingredients, all food companies will try their best to produce organic-only food (without charging us as if we are money printers), there is no worry even when we eat out because it will be all organic...

    thanks for reminding us how we should eat......

  2. aaargh, Evelyn, your blog posts are making me hungry!

  3. @ Lily: That's how business works in this world. To make money and lots of it at any cost. Even if it kills people!

  4. @ Alpha: I suppose that you've fed your tummy since now it's 11pm? :) Wifey's cooking is yummy-licious and mouth watering too!!! Hehe...

  5. I like this post!

  6. there should be a rule about food blogging after 10pm... grrr...

    awesome food Evelyn

  7. Elwin: I should then post a warning that goes, 'Beware! Post will make your stomach growl!' :P Thanks!!!

  8. Your food looks absolutely yummylicious and if I can eat such healthy organic food everyday I bet I will have better skin and better weight hahaha. Contrary to those who tell you so, "good life" is not solely about food, but if I can have your cooking all the time I'll surely have one :)

  9. Thanks Marina! Am still in the midst of experimenting new recipes and new food combinations! :)

  10. Absolutely delicious food!!! Must remind myself not to read about food during meal times. Am so hungry now. Keep up the experimenting & if u need a white rat for tasting your ratatouille, do give me a call **wink wink**.

  11. Tammie: Thanks! I have plenty of 'lab rats' at my house all waiting for my experimentations! Hahaha.. Now I have an 'extra' 'lab rat'! Hehehe...