Sunday, 23 October 2011

Surviving in a Chemical World (Part 2)


  1. I do not use any make-up. I only use the Ego sunblock 50+ for sensitive skin during the day. To wash off the sunblock I use the AA Sensitive Skin cleansing gel-cream. This product is fragrance free, contains no allergens and has no colour additives. It also has minimum concentration of preservatives. Sad to say, the supplier has ceased importing them in. This will be a challenge for me as I have to start experimenting with new products! 
  2. During the night, I use the Organic Aid Vitamin E as my moisturizer. This actually healed my skin of eczema! I swear by this product. 
  3. I use the Living Nature lip-gloss and lip-stick. Living Nature is one product that has no preservative, colourings, chemicals and carcinogens. And they cost a bomb! But you can be sure that they are chemical-free. I am not too sure about salicylates though, as their main ingredient is the Manuka honey. And honey is on the high-end of the salicylate list. But I do not react to this product. The human body is a a peculiar thing. One man's meat is another man's poison indeed. 
  4. I use the Simple brand for my shampoo and conditioner. They are fragrance-free. I use Sebamed cleanser for babies for my bath. I just started using the QV cleanser as they are fragrance-free too. 
  5. For my teeth, I use Sensodyne. Yes, at times it burns my mouth. I will then brush will salt for a period of time, and then use Sensodyne again when I am able to tolerate it. At this point of time, I am still searching for a salicylate-free toothpaste. I use the non-waxed floss. It has no mint in it. Mint is very high in salicylates.
  6. I use the QV Cream or the Organic Aid Vitamin E Moisturizing Cream to moisturize the arms and hands, neck and legs and feet during the night. 
  7. I am still in the midst of researching and reading up on how to make my own home-made toiletries. When I am successful, I will blog about it! Have a great week everyone.


  1. Me again. Reading your posts. Love them. Hey, I know you are going to get tired of me asking this...are you sure you aren't gluten-intolerant? I notice a lot of your products are Vitamin E. Vitamin E is a gluten product, usually a synthetic chemical, found in a lot of cosmetics. Check the label ingredients for Vitamin E or wheat starch or anything remotely gluten oriented. I wonder if salicylate and gluten are cross-reactors building up in your system? I wonder if the gluten is creating a mess in your digestive system making you more intolerant to salicylates? I'll have to look for this online see if there is any information. Sorry I'm on a gluten-free kick this week and have been reading too much about it!!

    Sunscreen: I use nothing. Since I got rid of the chemicals in my life, I don't burn. I have red hair, white eyebrows and eyelashes and can spend hours in my garden without a hat. I did go to an outdoor art festival this summer on a very hot day for about three house and my arms got a little pink, but very little. My skin isn't as white as some red heads, but until I went chemical-free, I was fairly sensitive. On another blog I follow there is much talk among Paleo diet people who no longer sunburn, too. They are all thinking it's because they've gotten rid of chemicals and gluten in their diet. With all the soap films, lotions, cosmetics that smother us with chemicals, I think it's the chemicals that make us burn. How can the natural sun be toxic? And you have to wonder about all the pharmaceuticals that warn you to stay out of the sun if you are taking them. Our society's dependency on chemicals is killing us.

    Laundry: I use Planet dishwashing liquid the only soap that I don't have a reaction to. Planet Laundry Detergent makes my lungs hurt and my skin itch so even it is too strong. For things that need extra washing I use a little washing soda with Planet, but then I have to wash the load twice. On occasion I use bleach (wearing a mask), but I have to close off the laundry area and then wash the load twice without bleach if not three times to get it all out. Hydrogen Peroxide is supposed to be a good bleach but it doesn't seem to really bleach anything. I do use it as a germ killer in the laundry. For dark and color clothes I use vinegar for the germ killer as it sets the colors.

    Shampoo: Planet dishwashing liquid. I also use aluminum-free baking soda for shampoo every now and then - people used for years before chemicals were invented. It works GREAT!

    Soap: rarely, I use hot water which has a pH of 7 which should clean well, as well as chlorine which I hate, but I can't do much about that yet. I do have some goat milk soap with nothing but lye that I use if I feel gross, but hot water usually does the trick.

    Household cleaners: baking soda, vinegar (to kill germs), Planet dishliquid, hydrogen peroxide (to kill germs).

    Lotion: none, but if I really need something I use organic coconut oil, but rarely. If found if I don't strip my skin of it's natural oils, it doesn't dry out to the point of making me crazy.

    Deodorant: usually not unless I feel smelly then vinegar (to kill bacteria which causes smell) and baking soda (to plug up pores which controls wetness).

    Makeup: None, sometimes coconut oil for lip balm and I have some organic lip moisturizer from a health store (no chemicals)but I'm noticing it also has Vitamin E in it. Hmmm...what doesn't have fake vitamin E these days?

    Toothpaste: water, once a week baking soda (again, used for years before chemicals were invented)

    I sure save a lot of money at the grocery store!!

  2. Rumraisinful: Vinegar causes me to be sick because of the high content of salicylates. Food that contain vinegar will trigger an attack for me. Paleo diet? I have never heard of that before. I will Google it up and read more about it.

    I will blog on the detergent and washing liquids and bathroom detergents another time. They are organic. I don't use deodorant. My mom said that even though I perspire I don't stink. I guess it's the diet that I am on. No poison in, thus no poison out??? Hehe...

  3. hey there girl!
    your mum is right! joel smells just as sweet!

  4. Hi! Oddly enough, vinegar is made with wheat (gluten). I think I'm going to be giving it up for deodorant. I did google salicylates and gluten-intolerance. Seems a lot of people have intolerances to both.

  5. @ Anonymous: Like mother like son??? Hehehe...

  6. @ Rumraisinful: I think we should take everything with a pinch of salt and keep a diary on what we can use, eat. I find at certain times of the month, my immune system is low and the things that I can usually tolerate, I can't at the times when I have my period. So when my body is back to normal again, I can tolerate again. So I'll just be EXTRA careful the periods when my immune system is on the low side. Also when I am stressed, I react to a lot of things. So when I am stressed, I'll just lay low and eat a lot of salicylate free food and try not to expose myself to so much chemicals.

  7. Hi Evelyn, I've recently bought 5 tubes (to save postage) of this toothpaste for my children. It's Salicylate-free and my kids love it!!

  8. @ Frillypants: Thank you very much! I will check it out. Have a great week! :)

  9. How do u keep the ants away from the honey?

  10. i love Simple products!

  11. @Tammie: VERY good question! Haha... When I used to use Living Nature lotion for my body, the ants came to my bedside table and even my bed!!! So I stopped using them. I keep the lip products in air-tight containers!!! :)

  12. @Lily: Me too! But their products here are very limited. Not like in the UK! Is it expensive over there?

  13. it's cheaper than other branded products but more expensive than supermarket own brand product!

    the shampoo/conditioner is about £2.50/each. How much does it cost in msia?

    if it's much cheaper here- i will bring some when i go home next time!

  14. @Lily: I think about RM12 to 13. But the range is limited. :) Thanks!