Thursday, 28 June 2012

Another Milestone!

After 39 months of not being able to eat any outside food, I finally can eat something which is not made, baked or cook by my own two hands! YIPPPEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

I ate 2 to 3 flakes for starters and did not do so after that for almost a week. It did not burn my mouth or tongue, nor cause any migraines from hell which result in diarrhea.

And thus, for the past 3 weeks I have been consuming this in small amounts here and there. Food which has not been made by me has never tasted so good!

These are the ingredients listed on the box:
Whole oat flour, concentrated grape and/or pear juice, brown rice flour, whole millet, oat bran, barley malt extract, sea salt.


  1. Sooo happy for you! What a help!

    Oh my gosh, the puffed rice cereal of the same brand was my first packaged food! I can't do nature's path non puffed cereals because they may contain tree nuts.

    I also tolerated mac and cheese Annie's organic at first but now might be getting mouth ulcers from it..

    1. Thank you so much Ana! It is great to be able to eat food which is not prepared by myself. It is a great help! This is my snack at the moment. :) Still in small amounts. Small, baby steps.

      Hope you're getting better. I can breathe the fresh air you are getting while on your hikes by just looking at the amazing pictures you post. Enjoy the fresh air all you can!