Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Braving the Heat

The weather has been insanely insane. You could fry an egg on a car bonnet which is parked under the sun. Add the haze to the heat and we have the oven phenomena. We are currently being fried alive!

I had a severe migraine from hell late afternoon yesterday which lasted till 10pm. I literally banged my forehead with the wooden massager till I could at least lie down and fall asleep. And I woke up with ulcers in my mouth this morning. My body has never been able to tolerate heat. Cold yes, but not heat. The massager did the trick, but I have a swollen forehead today. Totally worth it. At least the pain is gone!

The weather is so humid that the clothes literally stick to the body. We are drenched in dripping sweat with hair plastered to the forehead and at the sides of the face. Not a very glamorous picture. Not even presentable. So tonight is barley chicken soup with stir-fried lettuce. Hopefully this will help my system to cool down.

Do the rain dance with me wontcha? ;)


  1. I love your use of "insanely insane". . .I cannot stand heat either! My symptoms go nuts! Move to Canada though it's nowhere near as bad for heat and we have lots of space :)

  2. Sounds like hell to me.

    I tried moving to Canada once. They don't want me or anyone who would tax their system with health issues. But if you want to reproduce, there is a province that will pay child-bearing women something like $5,000 to move there and repopulate the area. I wish I could move to Canada...