Monday, 18 June 2012

Surviving the Haze!

It poured yesterday morning! We were so glad that it poured. But then it just suddenly stopped after 5 minutes. But the haze was not that bad yesterday. Today is even better than yesterday. The clouds and sun and sky are visible today. It is also a very windy day. And there is no acrid, burning smell at all! I quickly seized the opportunity to wash the bedsheets!

There are signs that we will be having water shortage due to the prolonged, dry season. And the haze will definitely return.

Here are some tips on how to survive the haze:

1. Facial Masks

Wear them the moment you head outdoors. Some wear them all the time.

2. Eye drops

Unfortunately, there are no 'eye' masks to protect the haze from irritating the eyes. Wash the eyes with eye drops. Allergy eye drops help too if the eyes break out in an allergic reaction.

3. Water

Drinking lots of water will help to cleanse the toxins out from the system.

4. Washing Your Nostrils

Nasal irrigation is a good way to wash/cleanse your nostrils. It can help lessen the irritation caused by the haze. Click here to read more.

Saline nasal spray is another good alternative.

5. Stay Indoors

Do not attempt any outdoor activities. You will pay dearly!

6. Dryer

Also try not to dry your laundry outside during the hazy season. Either hang them inside your house or use a dryer. It will save you from misery. The particles from the haze can cause you to itch and scratch like a dog infected with fleas. And the laundry will REEK of the smell of the haze.

7. Air Purifier

Have a few in the house and switch them on. It will help clear and purify the air.

8. Close All Doors and Windows

Don't bother to 'air' the house. There is no 'fresh air' outside during the hazy season.

9. Fix Any Gaps in Windows or Doors

This is to ensure that the smell of the haze does not seep into the house.

10. Air-Condition the House

Use the air-con to clear and circulate the air. Otherwise you might fall sick from the stale, recycled in-door air.


  1. Is the government doing anything to fix the problem?

    1. We are performing the rain dance everyday! WAKAKAKAKA!!!

      We've been told to minimize outdoors and wait for the wind of change that will blow the haze away and bring rain that will get rid of this haze. At the moment, the haze has been blown north. So it is not so bad for us at the south at the moment. :)