Tuesday, 7 May 2013

The Right To Be Alive


The definition of alive can be defined as not dead or lifeless. It can also mean to be in a state of action. It also means full of spirit and energy. Alive also means to be vibrant, vivid and having the quality of life.

As an individual on this planet, I strongly believe that we have The Right to be Alive (and not dead) where freedom is concerned. The freedom to speak our minds, the freedom to have our own individual thoughts, the freedom to be ourselves and in being different and yet the same.

We deserve The Right to be Alive in our dreams. We should be able to have dreams without being afraid of them being shot down. Our dreams have a Right to be Alive!

We deserve The Right to be Alive in our beliefs. Practicing dead beliefs or practicing for the sake of practicing is equivalent to not practicing at all. Don't be a hypocrite. If you are convinced with the beliefs that you have, be alive (vivid) about it!

We deserve The Right to be Alive in our education. Our children deserve to be alive in their learning. They must be taught to think and to think freely. Where thinking out-of-the-box is rewarded and not labelled stupid. Where information need not be cut into minute-bite-sizes to be fed into each individual for fear of them choking if fed with large chunks. Where each student's creativity is rewarded and not doused with water-of-discouragement. Where whatever they learn is relevant for their future lives and not redundant material which is to be regurgitated out during exams to be translated into As.

Safety has the Right to be Alive. Where else crime deserves a big kick in its ass rather than being labelled as a 'perception'.  We should not be living our lives peering over our shoulders all the time for fear of being mugged, raped or kidnapped. We should not be afraid of walking out of our houses, sleeping at night or even parking our cars in mall carparks or even outside of our houses for fear of being robbed. We have a right to live our lives in peace!

Unity has The Right to be Alive. So do Peace, Harmony, Tolerance, Respect, and Understanding.

So we are asked what more do we want??!

We want 'The Right to be Alive!!'