Saturday, 22 October 2011

The Creatures in the Container Garden (Part 1)

If you have a garden, you WILL have creatures lurking around, making your garden their home. 'CREATURES?? WHAT CREATURES???' you ask. Well, creatures that are small and unique. Some are pests and are destructive. Some are squishy and chubby! Some add beauty to the garden. Creatures as in insects or bugs! It's a bug's world out there in the garden. And today, I would like to blog about some of the creatures that my son and I had seen or caught.

This is the male dragonfly

This is the female dragonfly

Oleander Hawk Caterpillars

The caterpillar changes from green to light brown (the middle)
and then into dark brown (the outer 2 caterpillars) before turning into pupa
The stage just before pupa

The beautiful Oleander Hawk Moth

The moth was trying to fly
The moth with a face! Amazingly beautiful!


  1. Wow! Beautiful photos and beautiful bugs. How old is your son?

  2. @ Rumraisinful: Thanks! My son is 6 years old.

  3. Love the male dragonfly which is surprisingly in pink colour :)

  4. @Tammie: Yeah, I too wonder why the male is more beautiful than the female. Hehe... ;)