Monday, 24 June 2013

Haze Attack!

The haze was so bad today that I perpetually have the 'haze-smell' imprinted in my BRAIN! I have developed an allergy in both my eyes. I have chunks of gooey membranes in my eyes. My eyes have been itching so badly. And I have a migraine. So did Joel. Air-cons and purifiers have been working overtime.

IF you don't breathe, you would think that you are actually walking in the clouds. That will end the moment you start breathing. Cause you would then CHOKE!

A friend of mine who works in KL posted this up on Facebook this morning. We had THIS kind of air the whole of today.
My husband took the photo above at 9.45am from his office. The picture below was at 10.45am.

That's me with my N95 mask (my respirator is still in the process of  'off-gasing') and goggles. I had to have these in order to water my veggies in 'turbo-speed-mode'. The N95 mask really works. The goggles did too. But boy, it was HOT and stuffy wearing those two. The N95 mask cannot be worn for long periods of time. You'll suffocate. 
Some VERY good advice as we're facing a shortage where masks are concerned! HAHA!

How I miss skies like this! *SOB SOB!*
Joel's school is still closed for tomorrow. Even if it is not closed, I'm not letting him out of the house!

We NEED rain!


  1. Lovely portrait. So how long can you wear that mask before you start suffocating? And why do you suffocate? I would think it's designed so you CAN breathe easier, but I understand - any time I have a mask on I feel like I'm suffocating. I can't wear respirators because most are made with plastics. I've heard you can get ceramic ones. Maybe you should get some oxygen tanks with ceramic masks?

    I'm so sorry you have to go through this. Come move to Snowflake with me!

    1. About 15 minutes as it is VERY hot! But it really works. Could hardly smell the acrid burning smell. I've not seen ceramic masks over here. Never thought to look for it.

      Snowflake sounds like a fairy tale place! :)