Thursday, 13 February 2014

'Bladder Orgasm'

On the second day of the medication, my bladder suddenly could pee. It was as if a switch inside my bladder was switched on. It became like before the surgery. I think it is even BETTER than before the surgery.

I experienced a 'bladder orgasm'!

The severe, excruciating pain is gone.

But the medication is not a pleasant experience. It makes me drowsy, brain-in-a-fog, gives me heart palpitations the whole day. I cannot have sudden movements as it will cause dizziness. I cannot drive. I cannot suddenly get up from sitting down positions as I will faint. I feel like a zombie. On a perpetual-high whole day. I can't seem to focus. I feel as though I am in the House of Mirrors at a carnival. Can't tell which is the real thing or which is a reflection. That is how foggy my brain feels.


And that is the most satisfying thing to me now. What a relief.

Another 7 days more of medication before I can be normal Evelyn again. Can't wait...