Thursday, 29 October 2015

You Don't Want Your Life?

I am one who was not a daily user on Facebook. I'm now a daily user as the lady who sold me the Thermomix created a 'After-Sales-Service-Support-Group' to help us with all sorts of questions, tips and also ways to cook and eat healthily. And all of us who bought from her, post of our accomplishments and share whatever tips we've discovered. 

So here I am waiting for my car to be serviced when I saw in another group, a post, which states of a woman feeling suicidal because she suspects her husband is having an affair. 

To that woman, your husband is not worth it. Is your life is so worthless that you want to throw it away because he is no longer faithful? 

Of course it is easy to say the following: Be strong. Life is precious. Think of the kids. He doesn't deserve you. Blah blah blah and blah.

You might ask, 'What is life?'

Let me tell you what life is.

Life is when you wake up, feeling your heart beating strongly and steadily in your chest. Life is having the ability to breathe in and out the air that surrounds you. Life is the ability to shit and pee everyday with ease.

Life is having the ability to feel pain, joy, laughter, tears, disappointment, anger, frustration and every feeling that we can think of. Life is banging into walls which sometime cause nosebleeds or broken noses. Sometimes you even lose your good looks. The story of the Ugly Duckling turns into The Prince Frog. 

Life is when out of the 3999 friends you have on Facebook, only 5 called to ask how you are. Count your blessings as at least you have five. Some have none. Life is having your parents whack the shit out of you for no apparent reason and them loving your siblings to death. 

Life is also waking up one day and losing your once-upon-I-can-do-anything-and-eat-and-smell-anything. Life has become a Hunchback of Notre Dame attempting to manually straighten his spine. 

To some, life is restricted to a long list of 'Do's and Don't's'. Some stay alive with needles and medications and a long list of pills which look like they came out of the M&Ms factory. And there are some whose life is just fighting to stay alive in a cocoon.

And there are some whose life have a fast and furious approaching deadline. 

Of course there are some who equate life to 'having-a-Starbucks-in-the-morning-saved -my-life'. Or 'my-manicure-makes-me-happy/#life-is-awesome/#i-love-my-manicurist'. Also there are those who 'love-my-alcohol.'

So in the end what is life, you ask?

Life is 365 shades of grey, red, blue, yellow and every colour which does not exist in our world. There are many variants to it. We should emulate the chameleon. We must learn and adapt to whatever the situation requires us. 

At times, life is also when we are the dumpster truck where we seem to be collecting everyone's shit and smelling like hell as a result of it. 

Life is also having a rainbow with only black and white. 

That is what life is. (That's how I see it.)

I suggest you buy a blender (or a Thermomix - guaranteed to work) and grind his manly parts and give it to his girlfriend. That is way better than you killing yourself. 


  1. Recently I read an article about this boy Alex Visker. He has lots of allergies too. Really hope one day science will be advanced enough to know the cause and cure of allergies.

    1. Yes, science unfortunately is still so far behind where allergies are concerned.

  2. Good post. I recently saw a movie where the woman attempted to kill herself because she felt neglected. Her boyfriend forgot her birthday. Clearly these are cases where women were taught self-worth is tied to a man. People need to stop teaching their daughters this outdated screwed up vision of self-esteem. I hope that woman finds truth and learns to love herself. No man should have that much control over a woman.

    Strangely enough I was just thinking about life and it's meaning. I hate the bad stuff, but it's the bad stuff that gives us a comparison so we know what the good stuff is. I don't know if that makes me feel better about the bad stuff, but since I don't have a choice...

    I find it interesting or maybe ironic that there are so many people fighting to stay alive yet there are others who can't wait to end it. I do think a lot of suicide cases are caused by brain dysfunction caused by food choices or other brain killing stimuli. Too bad the medical community hasn't figured this out.

    1. Yes, life is everything that we go through, bad and good.