Monday, 25 January 2016

The Clutter Magnet - Little Red's Garage

Little Red could not believe the amount of junk that it had kept all these years. It felt that it had become a packrat! There were so many things that had to go.

Since Little Red had a few months more to go before the Great Big Move, it decided that it must start now. If not Little Red's engine would not be able to take strain. It would surely sputter and die. 

Monday - Cleared half the junk from the northern part of the garage.

Tuesday - Cleared the eastern part of the garage.

Wednesday - Brought all recyclable stuff that it had cleared to the recycling centre.

Thursday - Cleared the southern and southern part. The washing and cleaning started. Stuff with years of dust made Little Red sneezed a great deal. Dust that could cloud its lights. 

Friday - Clear, clean, wash, pack.....

Saturday and Sunday - Totally flat on its back.

Little Red did feel at times (while clearing out junk) that being a minimalist would be good. Well, maybe being a teeny, weeny bit of a minimalist would do some good! 

Little Red is determined to only take half of what it has. After all, the new garage is much smaller. If it took everything, the sidewalk would be its new bed!!!

Monday - Back to the northern part of the garage....... 

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