Tuesday, 8 March 2016

7 Years


In the book of Harry Potter, seven is said to be the most powerful magical number.

Seven is the number of notes in a traditional Western diatonic scale.

Seven represents the deadly sins and also denotes completeness and perfection.

Not forgetting how the world was made in seven days (if you believe in the Bible).

In Judaism, seven (shiv`a) is the number of days of mourning.

In the world of mathematics, seven is a happy number, a safe prime and a lucky prime.


I hope that this journey of mine in its seventh year, will be the last year in mourning where my health is concerned. I would be truly free of the shackles that salicylate and chemical sensitivities have placed on my life.

I hope that this seventh year would complete the musical scales of this journey and thus, open my path to an array of even more musical scales that I can paint my life with.

I hope that my new world would be made complete in this seventh year.

I hope that this seventh year would be an even happier and safer year for me.

And I hope that in this seventh magical year, I will overcome and slay my Voldermort and be healthy and strong again where my immune system is concerned.


  1. Seven is my personal number, according to numerology or my birthdate numbers or something that was calculated for me years ago. I consider it a very lucky number. Good luck to you in your seventh year. You've come a long way. Lots to be proud of...

  2. Amen. Looking forward to your victory !

    1. Thank you! Looking forward to your son's victory too.