Thursday, 9 June 2016

Thermomix ABC Chicken Stew


1. 1/2 free-range chicken (cut into 4 to 5 parts)
2. 6 potatoes (skin peeled and cut into half)
3. 2 medium sized carrots (skin peeled and cut into 4 parts)
4. 1 big onion (outer layer removed and cut into half)
5. 5 garlic cloves (outer layer removed)
6. Sunflower oil
7. Sea-salt
8. Filtered water
9. Corn starch
10. Tamari sauce


1. Place the garlic into the TMX jug.

2. Drizzle some sunflower oil.

3. Set 5 minutes/Varoma/Reverse/Spoon. Remove the MC (mixing cup).

4. While the garlic is being stir-fried by the TMX, prepare the sauce in a small bowl. Add the cornstarch, sea-salt, tamari sauce, and water into the bowl and mix well.

5. Once the garlic is done, add the chicken parts, potatoes, carrots and big onions.

6. Pour in the sauce mixture.

7. Set to 16 minutes/Varoma/Reverse/Spoon. Cover with the MC (mixing cup).

8. If it's not cooked, you can add another 5 minutes or until it is throughly cooked. Pour into serving dish once it is done. Serve hot.

Bon appétit!

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