Thursday, 27 April 2017

An Alternative to Painkillers

Due to my allergy to painkillers and NSAIDs, it's horrible when pain decides to strike. Especially backaches or muscle sprains in the neck or shoulders.

There were two incidences about two years back where the pain was so bad that I was placed on physiotherapy by my orthopedic.

I have had weak back muscles for as long as I can remember. Other than teaching me muscle strengthening exercises, my physiotherapist also used the TENS machine on my back.

TENS stand for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation.

TENS machine is a small battery operated machine which has sticky pads attached to it via wires. Small electrical pulses are transmitted to the body.

*It is believed to be able to block pain signals sent to the brain on high pulse rate (90 to 130Hz). When it is set to low pulse rate (2 to 5Hz), it is believed to trigger the body to build endorphins to block pain signals.

*taken from HERE

Click on LINK to read more about the TENS machine.

These are three types of TENS machines. You can drop by shops which sell them and ask the sales people for their advice.

I have the red and blue machines. They've helped me a lot when I have pain.

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