Sunday, 20 August 2017

An Update

Today's is the 82nd day off Xyzal!

I finally fell sick in July. Caught the flu bug which was going around the Klang Valley. The last time I fell sick was one year ago. The doctor told me that it is good to finally fall sick. The immune system can be strengthened.

As a result of falling sick (also had ulcers on my tonsils at the same time, not eating and sleeping well, coughing to the point, I think my lungs were almost expelled out a few times), the reflux problem came back and I had to be on PPIs for a few days. Then it was back to building up the gut again.

Food wise, I have been able to eat small amounts of spinach, okra, broccoli and turmeric with no issues. These are high in salicylate.

I'm still taking it slow and easy! But it's good to be able to eat healthy food!

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  1. Oh I so worry about you when you ad the high salicylate foods back! Be careful. Maybe rotate them. Yeah, it feels like crap to be sick but at the same time it's like your body is working. Good luck. Thanks for the update!

    1. Don't worry! I add a little at a time and it's not everyday that I do so. Thanks!