Saturday, 10 February 2018

Another Thermomix!

Back in November last year, I bought another Thermomix as I needed to save time by cooking two dishes at a time.

I bought it from the same agent I bought from two years back. Her name is Jasmin Choy. The reason I bought my Thermomix machines from her is that she has a support group on Facebook. If you have any problems or questions regarding recipes or how to use the machine, it's all in that support group. There are tons of recipes and TIPS shared in her support group. Even though I am not an active Facebook user, I know that there's a place I can go to if I ever have any issues or questions. The after sales service is really good.

If you are keen in buying a Thermomix, I would suggest that you contact Jasmin Choy and request for a demo.

Here is her email:

Alternatively, you can look for her on Facebook.

Here is her profile:

p.s. I am not getting paid for writing this. I am sharing this so that others who are like me who have to cook every single day can do so without the hassle of cleaning up the whole kitchen.


  1. Happy CNY Evelyn! I am impressed with all your fancy gears, but a little surprise you haven't bought an air-fryer yet, thought that might help you to make your cooking easier!

    1. I have a Healslo oven which can bake and grill well. The food is like air fried. So I find I have no need to get an airfryer (yet). Haha.....