Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Keep Calm

Just imagine this scenario:

Meal after meal, day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year, decades after decades, you've been fed with junk food which are laden with cancer-inducing-chemicals, which have zero nutritional values, unhealthy-fats-clogging-arteries, and everything which speeds up death.

Finally after being very, very ill and death, being just one step away, you suddenly had a chance to experience a miraculous breakthrough. YOU decided to change! YOU decided that enough was enough! At the same time, a saviour who had a chance of saving you appeared! Even though you nearly had a fatal heart attack, your cholesterol was sky high, your kidneys were failing, your liver was poisoned and basically you were at the brink of saying goodbye to Life, you managed to break free from the clutches of Death.


Now you're attended by the doctor/saviour (who is a few years shy of 100 years old) and his team. You're eternally grateful for their rescue. The euphoria of finally being rescued floods your whole being to the point you think that you've been instantaneously healed.

The next day you still feel euphoric.

The day after that, you feel slightly shitty. Anxiety hits you.

On the third day, you feel worse than before you were rescued.

On the fourth day, you are in such bad shape that you are spewing obscenities worse than 10 Deadpools combined together.

On the fifth day, you're yanking out whatever hair that's left on your sickly scalp and continue to scream and yell obscenities at anything and everything.

On the sixth day, you're trying not to curse the people that rescued you (who by this point are bickering among themselves about what to do with you and have started squabbling among themselves, and so on and so forth).

And then you yell and throw a-five-year-old-bratty-temper at the doctor, "WHY AM I NOT HEALED? Why am I still feeling so bloody sick?! When am I going to be normal? Why are things still so shitty?!"

It's called withdrawal syndrome my friend.

Your system had been poisoned for YEARS and DECADES. Do you think you would be healed overnight? You think your almost-100-year-old doctor is one of those Marvel characters where time can be bend or stopped? You think you are some Mutant-X where you could miraculously push out a bullet out of your skull and heal instantaneously?

It takes time. It will take years and years for the damage to undo itself. You're lucky the rot was stopped. Many have died before the miraculous breakthrough came.

My two-cents worth of advice to all of us would be this:

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