Thursday, 3 January 2013

1st Day of School 2013!

Joel was amazing today. Wasn't clingy, did not cry and though he was a bit nervous (after a 7-week break from school), he was brave. By recess time, he was his usual chatter-box self. HAHA!

The weather on the other hand was not so obedient. It was fabulous in the morning and early afternoon. Don't believe me? Look at the pictures below.

I've not seen such beautiful skies in a LONG time now! Whoops! Spoke too soon!!!
 By 3.40pm....
Armageddon approaches!
The lashing rain was so, so, so, so bad that we did not know whether there was a car in front or whether the road was submerged in water. Joel kept asking us whether we would make it or die in a flood. (Too much Noah story, in my opinion.) It looked like there was a blizzard outside. Extremely poor visibility. With Waze directing us and by driving REALLY slow, we managed to arrive home in one piece! Thank God. And I was not THAT stressed as hubby was the DRIVER!!!!! He took leave this whole week to help me slowly get back to routine without compromising my health. Thank you hubby!

And this was the aftermath of the severe, lashing storm that felt like a mini typhoon!
I am exceedingly grateful that we were in a four-wheel drive and not a Ferrari! HAHA! That was really scary.
Even the water level at the canal rose to scary levels!
Hopefully the weather will be kinder to us tomorrow!


  1. Nice skies. Too bad on the flooding. What's the temperature there?

  2. Hi, happy new year to you and glad to hear Joel is alright at school. In such bad weather, it is always good to have hubby around.