Wednesday, 16 January 2013


Things have been FAR from rosy.

The cough which I had for almost a month in December is BACK! With vengeance.

The cause?

Joel's school which has been going through extensive painting and renovation.

The first week of school was a breeze for me, because I was at home as hubby was on leave!

Then the second week came and then today being the third week and I am down.

I feel as though the insides of my chest is filled with spiders spinning and weaving webs. And it's getting tighter to breathe and I want to scratch my lungs out!!!!! And the COUGH!

Last Monday was bad. On the way home in the car, the migraine developed. Then not long once we were home, I had a severe diarrhoea and burning sensation in my mouth. By the next morning, I woke up with ulcers in my mouth.

Joel started sneezing non-stop by last Thursday and by Sunday, a full-blown cough.

So Joel has been on MC since Monday and I am in a f*cked up mood. Pre-menopause is in full swing with insomnia too. And the ulcers have multiplied.... Lovely!

I feel like those water pumps in several districts of Malaysia which had a major breakdown. Even the back-up pumps have broken down. And MY BACK-UP generators are certainly having a major breakdown too at this point of time.

Yes, I have been knocked down and before I get up again, I would just want to lie down on the floor, curl up and sleep.

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