Saturday, 26 January 2013

By Progressing, We Have Regressed

Take a look around you. I mean, REALLY take a look around.

What do you see?

Let me tell you what is seen by many.

Progress. Development. Advanced technology.

It would seem that we are living in the best of times!

But sadly, it is not so.

Malaysia is now at first place in the South East Asia! Why? Simply because we have the fattest people in this region. Don't believe me? Click on this link.

We are a nation so encumbered with our smart phones, tablets and all-sorts-of-gadgets that we forget to get up to pee, what more leave home! I mean, who would want to leave home when you have the app called 1000 most beautiful pictures in the world. And then there's the app called Relax where at a press of a button, you get to hear sounds of nature. Which are actually supposed to help you to, well,  R.E.L.A.X.

So not only our souls and minds relax, even our bums and guts relax to the point they triple in size. And then there's the just-a-phone-call-away-take-away-food-outlets. Just dial a number and you have food delivered to you right at your doorstep.

So with state-of-art-technologies, we have come to a point that we now only exercise..... our..... FINGERS! We swipe, tap, click like a pro. We write like chicken scratchings. We cannot spell without the stupid ever-helpful-auto-corrector. We eat with our phones glued to our hands and not notice the dead fly in our food until it has been crunched to a paste and swallowed. And yes, not forgetting incidences where the phone actually fell into a bowl of curry beehoon soup! (Yes, I am talking about YOU!) And I must not forget the toilet too!

We walk with the phone. We shit, pee, sleep, talk and yes, there are some who have sex with the phone switched on (they all have cameras and video cameras now!). We even navigate the roads with our phones. And we all Facebook ever so busily. (By the way, isn't it odd for the people who live with each other to be Facebooking on each others walls about the disappearance of the chicken eggs in the fridge? You mean you can't open your mouth to ask? Does this mean together with the tripling of our guts and bums sizes, our vocal chords will soon evolve and one day cease to function as a voice box but as an organ as useless as the appendix??)

I think the movie Wall-E depicts this scenario the best. In one of the scenes, humans in the state of extremely advance technology, no longer get up to walk or even roll over. Heck, they don't even know what the hell 'WALK' is. They all sit on fully-automated-electronic buoys. Humans don't think. They do not need to think! All they do is have their eyes glued to their screen. Conversing with each other. With the screen. They NEVER speak with each other. They all have food and soft drinks delivered to them. And they are all extremely OBESE!

This movie is about a dystopia in the distant future. Which is like 700 years in the future. And that is VERY distant. The scary thing is that we are experiencing the tip of the iceberg TODAY!

Now, take a look around you again. What do you see?

Just like Haley Joel Osment's answer in the movie Sixth Sense to Bruce Willis' question, 'What do you see?'

'I see dead people walking around like regular people.'


  1. It's disgusting, isn't it? Still, how many people don't have a cell phone? I don't. People always look at me like I'm an alien when I tell them. I do have a computer and I spend so much time in front of it, my butt is numb and in pain by night. I envision my fat molding to my chair. I once saw a very obese woman on the bus who had a butt in the shape of a chair. It was obvious she spent much of her day sitting. That scares me.

    When I watch people in public glued to their text messaging or talking on their cell phones ignoring the world around them I feel very sorry for society. Everyone thinks they are more connected, but in fact they are less. I worry about kids who don't get enough exercise or fresh air, instead they are cooped up playing games on their mobile devices. I think it's weird...and unhealthy. We as a society will definitely see the fallout from "modern technology".

    1. Hehehehe... I have a smart phone in my pocket all the time. I read, surf the web, type e-mails, reply e-mails, make calls, Whatsapp, Facebook, take pictures, write stories.. etc. I carry it with me everywhere because in the case of an emergency, I can make a SOS call to my hubby or parents or brother or neighbour.

      But I agree on being hooked on it and being unable to appreciate our surroundings. Or getting up to go out.