Friday, 12 April 2013

Back At Square One

We've only just recovered,
Barely two weeks ago,
And now we're back at where we started,
Revolting even at the thought of gumbo.

We've only just recovered,
Still tired and weak,
But not the least bothered,
As our air was no longer bleak.

We're back at square one,
In battle with a virus again,
Our immune system being guzzled by a glutton,
Trapped inside a bullpen.

We're back at square one,
We're hit left, right and centre,
By fatigue, fever, flu and we've fallen,
It seems worn and torn, our armour.

We're in the thick of the battle,
Where good food and sleep are our weapons,
And that we're normal for feeling mighty mortal,
Secretly, we're loading our canons.

We're screaming out the mighty battle cry,
Knowing well in our hearts that 'shit happens'
We'll collect our treasure at Mount Sinai,
And we'll just step over a thousand mighty canyons.

We'll say goodbye to the fool
Who said 'You've caught a cold,
'Because of the ice inside your soul'
Our healing will be two-fold, five-fold and ten-fold,
And our health will be our stronghold,
Now and forevermore.