Friday, 7 June 2013

The Fatigue Syndrome

I started thinking that the 'always-feeling-tired', 'fatigue' and 'exhaustion' was a hallucination of the mind. I mean, c'mon, how can I always be feeling exhausted? I wake up exhausted. I go to bed exhausted. Driving makes me exhausted. Even cooking makes me feel exhausted. I am exhausted ALL THE TIME! What the hell is wrong with me? What am I doing wrong?

This fatigue syndrome started after I had the anaphylactic attack 4 years ago. And it hasn't left.

I know that it could be part of the pre-menopausal phase that I am going through.

Or could it be something that my immune system has developed because of my 'condition'?

I have not met anyone like me in Malaysia. So I can't relate to anyone here.

To my fellow online friends who are in the same boat as I am in, do YOU have this fatigue?

And if you do, what has your doctor advice you? How do you go about your daily life fighting fatigue?

Do share.


  1. My fatigue started when I first became chemically sensitive and that's what I blamed it on when one doctor told me my immune system hyperactive reacting to the chemical exposures. Over the years I had several doctors question my thyroid levels. Finally I had one do some extra testing and diagnosed me with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. The theory is the chemicals screwed with my immune system, the immune system screws with my thyroid, the thyroid malfunction is what causes the fatigue. All thyroid medications made me ill so I started the Paleo-Hashimoto's diet and that has helped at least 75% of my problem. Exhaustion was my issue and most of that has gone away, but I still struggle with low-level fatigue. Can anything be done...maybe with thyroid drugs which I can't take. Most of my friends who have fatigue issues have thyroid problems even those taking thyroid medication still have levels of fatigue so I have no idea what is the answer. Thyroid is one of the most underdiagnosed health issues and Hashimoto's is even less diagnosed. They say 95% of people with thyroid problems are not diagnosed and they just assume they are tired or depressed without questioning the cause.

    I sleep a lot. I avoid strenuous activities and chemical exposures which also makes it worse. Diet has been a huge solutions for me. I have to maintain my blood sugar so although when I get really tired I crave sugar, I don't as it'll make it all worse. With my condition, gluten is mistaken for thyroid so if I eat gluten my body thinks it's thyroid and responds by attacking the thyroid causing exhaustion, so I don't eat gluten or chocolate (which is a gluten cross-reactor). If most people who have Hashimoto's aren't diagnosed, it stands to reason most people are gluten intolerant.

    Doctor's are idiots. Anytime I tell one I'm tired they look at me like I'm stupid and ignore it. It's too general a complaint. My typical lab tests come back normal then they look at me like I'm crazy or making it up. The book by Datis Kharrazian "Why Do I Still Have Thyroid Symptoms When My Lab Tests are Normal?" was a huge help.

  2. My fatigue started before the anaphylaxis started. It became much worse after the second major episode. I was in the hospital for over a week with it. At first they didn't get very excited because I had went in to anaphylaxis twice in the early 90s with no apparent reason so they thought this would be a one time thing. They have blamed the fatigue on everything, but it has to be related to the anaphylaxis.
    I have had chronic anemia since the IA started. It is possible that may be the problem, but I feel it is something autoimmune.

  3. It's a tough one for sure. Started just before my first anaphylaxis and got way worse with steroids. Part of it for me I think might be hypovolemia and dehydration. I need oodles of sleep. I also do better staying up late and sleeping in than on the usual clock. Exercise helps but with the chronic drain it's hard to do, but I always feel better when I do. When I have a reaction I'm flattened again for awhile..days to weeks depending on the severity