Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Star Wars Mania......

Since the Star Wars mania has hit every single continent on this planet, here's a toast to Star Wars! ;P

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  1. Happy New Year Evelyn! And cheers to more breakthroughs ahead!

  2. The other day he had a really persistent big mouth ulcer due to a bump against the table, tried rinsing with salt solution but still bad and he couldn't eat anything. In the end, took the risk and applied some ulcer cream though it has 2 preservatives. Soon hives appeared under his eyes and we had to quickly give him a dose of zrytec. Sometimes I wonder what is more dangerous. Salicylates/amines or preservatives. Had wanted to give him honey to reduce the ulcer but it is high in salicylate and amines. Even for shampoos and toothpaste, I am torn between giving him one with lots of chemicals or one that is natural like coconout/olive oil, aloe Vera? It seems like all products that are free of chemicals or have less chemicals use stuff that is high in salicylate and amine... I am still in a maze of what exactly he is allergic/intolerant of...

    1. Puriton would be a faster anti-histamine.

      Some shower gels/shampoo only use sugar, and some other mild ingredients. I'm sure Singapore has lots of them. Some doctors recommend using aquos cream to shower.

      Maybe you need to really start from really basic, keep a diary and then only add one ingredient back into his diet/life.

      No straightforward answers to these type of sensitivities. Sometimes it seems as though everything is good to go, then WHAM! Some attack just comes out of the blue.