Friday, 2 June 2017

Buckwheat Tea

8 years plus of not being able to have tea can really cause one misery.

Tea is high in salicylates. Even when I could have tea (before I had the anaphylaxis), they caused me to be wide awake the whole night! Some even gave me migraines from the bowels of Hades.

So I did some research recently.

Buckwheat is negligible in salicylate. And one can make tea out of it.


I washed 500gm of buckwheat groats and baked them at 180C for 1/2 hour. You can also bake them until golden brown.

I got a tea infuser.
Once they were cool, I poured them into a jar. 
I placed about a teaspoon of the buckwheat groats into the infuser. 
Then I dunked it into a cup of boiling water. 
Voila! Buckwheat tea!
Alternatively, you could buy these tea bags and use them instead if you do not have an infuser. 


  1. The bowels of Hades...HAHAHAHA

    But what does buckwheat tea taste like???

    1. A very, very mild version of green tea.....