Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Rough Days

It started on Monday night. I felt dizzy and very light-headed and knew that my blood pressure was low. Sure enough, the reading was 93/68. I went to bed early and thought it was caused by the exhaustion of the three weeks of driving and being on my feet constantly at Joel's school. And then I had dreams about pain. Non-stop dreams about pain. And then I woke up at 2.30am and the pain that was in my head was excruciating. I wished that the pain could be exorcised out! I was having a severe reaction! I immediately got up and swallowed a tablet of Xyzal and Zrtytec each to stop it from escalating into an anaphylaxis attack. I woke my hubby up and he had to massage my head to numb the pain. The mouth started to burn and the usual reactions started manifesting. I even had my Epi-Pen on standby.

The only thing that I could think of that caused this reaction was the fish I had for dinner. I have noticed that sometimes fish can cause a near-anaphylaxis attack for me. Many months back I ate salmon and had an attack within 1 hour! But this does not happen all the time. Sometimes it happens. Sometimes it does not. Maybe it is the histamine that is in the fish that is causing the reactions. And with the body being taxed out and exhausted, my immune system was more susceptible to a reaction.

I was in bed the whole of yesterday. I was very drugged and drowsy from the anti-histamines. And the stomach wasn't feeling too well. It always ends up with loose bowels and stomach upset and discomfort.

I was in better shape this morning. But then the pain in my head returned with vengeance before noon and the stomach was extremely queasy and in great discomfort. I could't finish my lunch nor dinner today. And the insides of my ears felt swollen. And the pressure build-up in both ears was so uncomfortable. I had actually planned to do lots of baking today. And the best part was the butter was already melting in room temperature and the dough was already mixed with yeast. I swallowed 2 Xyzals after my so-called 'lunch' and did the baking.

So these were what I baked today. And thank God they turned out fine and yummy though I wasn't feeling fine.

Marble, butter sponge cake
I used cocoa powder for the marble effect.

Twisty high protein bread
Who can resist home-made crackers? :)
I am really grateful that I have my writing to keep me sane when bad days strike. Days when I can't go out to the garden or when I have no songs to sing. I will be going to the hospital tomorrow to get a refill of my medication and also to get my ears checked out. Goodnight!


  1. I can't wait to start baking my own crackers. You've inspired me. I have a serious yeast sensitivity, so I can only eat flatbread. Do you know or have any good recipes?

  2. Hi Heliotrope! :)

    Here are some links to bread recipes without yeast. I usually adjust or change the recipes. There are lots that I cannot take, so I have to change or even do without with a lot of recipes! Even though it really gets tiresome, eating the same thing over and over again, at least I am well and alive! :)
    (I cannot take or even smell vinegar as it is terribly high in salicylates. If I bake this bread, I will do away with the vinegar)

    All the best with your cooking and baking! :)

  3. hope you feel better now! glad you have a lovely husband taking good care of you :-)
    oh ya, i think you should have a recipe book too!! call it as "Evelyn's Salicylate-Free Secret Recipe" :-)

    1. Hi Lily! Yes, I am better. Thank you. Yes, he has been a great hubby and father. :)
      That sounds like a great title. Might write one when I have enough recipes. :)

  4. Hi Evelyn, hope your pain goes away. Are you in kl/pj? I don't know if a food detoxifier will help to a certain extend, because it does get rid of hormones, antibiotics and some chemicals in the meats and vegetables even herbs. I bought one for my family from the okamizu brand.

    1. Hi Irene. Thanks. The pain is gone. I am neither in KL nor PJ. Someone did tell me about the food detoxifier. But I have yet to try it. Not very sure whether it actually works or not. Need to read more about it. Do you feel that it works? How much did you buy one for?

  5. I bought mine for rm1788 because hubby saw a demo at a fair and was convinced it could clean our food to some extend. I bought it mainly because of the meat and chicken not so much of cleaning vege or fruits as I already used organic vege wash. Older folks would use salt to soak vege in. I see yucky gooey bubbly stuff that comes out from the meat I put in to ozonise. Maybe google ozone food. But a word of caution, the sales guy did say if one has asthma not to go near when machine at work.