Sunday, 9 September 2012

Container Garden - An Update (2nd Anniversary)

A very happy 2nd anniversary to the container garden! I have learned much by just gardening and planting my own vegetables. The garden has been a place of refuge (and stress too when things just die!).

The exceedingly 'long' ladyfinger/okra!
The end of the year is drawing near. The year-end monsoon will be here soon. And the garden is in the process of winding down. I am not sowing anymore seeds EXCEPT some leafy vegetables which thrive in rainy weather.

The large sunflower was one of the triplets. At the back of its huge head, were two of its siblings. 
The unopened Zinnia!

Ladybird feasting on the aphids!
Cherry tomatoes!
Look at who was feasting on my cherry tomatoes! Death to them all! :P
Capsicums! I was surprised as I thought they had died in the freak storm. :)

This is my first time planting pumpkin. And I was so surprised that this too survived the storm. This is the male flower.  
This is the female.

I helped the pumpkin to have 'sex'. I was afraid that the ants and insects would not be 'helpful' enough in transferring the pollen from the male to the female. 
Look at how 'saturated' the female is with the male's pollen.
This was the 2nd male flower which I used. There was some polygamy going on. I had to make sure 'she got impregnated'! HAHAHA!
I even clipped the flower closed to make sure the pollen stayed intact in the female! 
Plenty of stink bugs who were busy mating!
The third tomato plant is fruiting. 
Oleander Hawk caterpillar! Joel calls this as HIS 'CATTER-PIE-LEE' pet! Oh my! His pet! HAHA!
Another harvest of cherry tomatoes. The yellow plate in the background is filled with kitchen waste which will be turned into compost. 


  1. HAHAHA Artificially inseminating pumpkins!! That is so funny! You can use a soft paint brush to do that - might be easier but not as much fun. hehehe.

    WOW! That is one huge snail! I love those Oleander Hawk caterpillars, but do they eat everything? We don't have them here.

    I wish I could grow zinnias. I don't think it's warm enough. They never quite make it.

    It's raining today so I think summer is over in my neck of the world.

    1. Yes, that snail was damn huge and fat sucking the life out of my cherry tomatoes! The Oleander Hawk caterpillars only eat the Periwinkle plants. And I have LOTS of that!

      The rainy season has been showing its presence slowly but surely. Rain will be here everyday.

  2. Yuckk what is that giant shelled thing in your hand? Some sort of snail? you are brave to be holding it!

    Well done with your garden. Very impressive! And way to go on the flower breeding

  3. @Ana: Yes, that is a HUGE snail which was enjoying, slurping and sucking the life out of my cherry tomatoes. Do you want some escargot? ;P