Thursday, 6 September 2012

The Wheels of the Car Go Round and Round

It was bound to happen. The Little Engine had been humming consistently for an extended period of time. It went on and on and on over the bumpy roads that had potholes here and there. 

Many had thought that the Little Engine would have worn out its engine a long time ago. But it surprised everybody. In fact, the Little Engine surprised itself at how far it had gone. The Little Engine could not even see the starting line from where it was now.

Yet it was certainly far from the finish line. 

But the inevitable happened. 

It started with a tiny, squeaking sound.

And then a little clunking here and there.

Little engine thought little of it and continued on with its journey. 

And then the clanking began.

Trouble getting the engine to start in the morning ensued. And when it finally started, the engine coughed out a thick, black, cloud of smoke. 

'Woe is me!' said the Little Engine.

The mechanics said that the Little Engine was suffering from a severe burnout. Replacing the engine would take time and that the time to rest would be good for Little Engine to recuperate.

What Little Engine did not realise was the fight to go on and on had taken a toll on its wheels. The depression in the tyres was obvious to everyone who had eyes that could see. Little Engine had felt the depression creeping into its wheels. But it choose to go on, thinking that going on would help the wheels from sinking further into depression. Oh, but it was wrong! The depression ate into the wheels and almost caused Little Engine to have an accident from burst tyres. It was truly a blessing in disguise that Little Engine's engine burnt out. 

Instead of resting, Little Engine became agitated. It felt that time was being wasted. It could have covered hundreds of miles by now if it had not stopped. But as Little Engine rested, it realised that it had been fuelled by exhaustion and not determination to move forward. 

And that made Little Engine to be even more depressed. 

And then reality set in. Little Engine realised that it could not cross that wide chasm in this journey called Life. And for the first time in its journey of Life, Little Engine wondered whether it will ever reach the finish line.

Little Engine had fallen into the cracks of depression and was slowly sinking in quick sand...


  1. I know how you are feeling! Don't go there. I challenge you to a positive post. Write something positive and uplifting, as hard as it might seem to do. List things you love or some gratitudes. I'm feeling myself slipping into darkness, too. I think I need to write some positives....

    1. I keep on having this dream where I am stuck in a basement and every exit which I come across is either a dead-end or it leads me back right into the basement carpark. And I get desperate trying to get out, driving over dividers in my 4-wheel-drive, crashing into exit signs and breaking all laws and rules to just get out of that place!

    2. And yet, I end up back in the basement....

    3. I have toilet dreams. I can't find a toilet to use that isn't grossly soiled or not working. People watch me look and wonder why I'm so incompetent at finding a toilet. They snear and shake their heads. I'm desperate. The weirdness about the dream (if it isn't weird enough) is the sound effects...dripping water, dark, drippy echoing.

      And then there are the pet pets are dying all around me, starving. I have forgotten to feed them because I forgot I had them! Usually kittens. Other times the dreams are filled with fat and fluffy kittens who are happy to see me. Sometimes they even give me warnings to assist me....

      Hmmm...psycho am I.

    4. You need to get out. What do you need to get out of?

    5. TOILET??!!!! Oh dear....... :P

      I went for a looooooooong walk and am feeling much better. :)