Saturday, 24 November 2012


For the past few months I have been asking myself, my husband and my parents to whether I could be experiencing menopause.

I have been staining very frequently.

Periods have been erratic.

PMS had gotten worse.

I have been extremely, extremely, extremely shitty a week before the period arrives.

I have severely, crazy mood swings.

I cannot sleep for 2 weeks before the periods come. 

Periods have extended to almost 2 weeks.

The hormonal migraine which I had only experienced when I first had my period 30 years ago and when I was on extensive hormones when I was pregnant with Joel had become a constant companion EVERY MONTH! And the migraines can last for 2 weeks when in fact I had been VERY obedient with my diet and lifestyle where salicylates are concerned.  

I have hot flushes and would be drenched in an air-con room where everybody is shivering.

I have had to go to the toilet almost after every meal. The bowels have been very sensitive and disruptive even on a salicylate-free diet.

So when the results from the gynacologist arrived and when I saw 'PRE-MENOPAUSE' in bold, I wasn't really surprised. 

But I'm only 35.

And I am a person who has Idiopathic Anaphylaxis, who is salicylate sensitive and who has not taken synthetic stuff for almost 4 years now. 

I wonder what will happen if the day arises where I will need hormone replacement therapy...

If you are in the same boat as I am in, do share your survival tips with me!


  1. They took my hormone replacement away when I was diagnosed. I don't have any advise for getting through it other than having your levels tested to see if they will give you some replacement.

  2. multiplechemicalsurvivor27 November 2012 at 03:13

    AH HA! I thought so... Hang in there. Lots of women who become chemically sensitive or have their bodies ravaged in some way by life go through it early so you are not alone.

    For many, these pre-menopausal symptoms only last up to two years and then go away. Others say they've lasted for 10-15-20 years before they disappear! Some have mild symptoms; some feel like they are in hell. Everyone is different and no one seems to know what to do. I think this is ODD since women have been experiencing this since the beginning of time. Why are there no answers? No one can even figure out what causes hot flashes!!!

    I think being as healthy as possible is a huge factor, but that's just guess work on my part. Everything I've read says stay away from junk food, caffeine, smoking, etc., etc. I often wonder if I ate a diet of junk if my symptoms would be much worse? I think exercise is supposed to help, too, and avoiding stress or emotional excesses. I've tried asking questions to those on various health lists, but no one seems to know anything, including their doctors.

    I personally will do everything in my power to stay away from hormone replacement therapy, but I wonder how much I can take and how long I can take it? To me adding hormones is just postponing the inevitable. Most of my friends are on very expensive hormone replacement therapies so they have avoided it, but I wonder if they really have? Do they have to stay on them for the rest of their lives? I've also read hormone replacement unnaturally adds all kinds of extra hormones to your system which can cause cancers especially breast and ovarian. I would have to be in excruciating hell before I start popping pills. Knock on wood. I hope not.

    It's all a mystery to me. I thought the curse was bad. No fair women must suffer like this. Well, I applaud the husbands who are so tolerant when we become crazy...

    Hang in there. The good thing is you have an excuse for any weird medical symptom or strange behavior. Assume it's menopause and let it go. :)