Thursday, 15 November 2012

The Perfect 'Instant' Egg Dish!


1. 5 hard-boiled eggs
2. Sea-salt
3. Sunflower oil


1. Boil 5 eggs with their shells intact.

2. Once they are cooked, soak them in room temperature water.

3. Once they have cooled down, peel the shells and place them in a bowl.

4. Break them and mash them with a fork.

5. Add sea-salt and sunflower oil to taste.

6. Serve with bread or with rice.

Bon appétit!

Totally yummy-li-cious!!


  1. Yay eggs! can't wait to eat them again!

    Do you have much organic produce there? Is that what you eat or what's the set up?

    1. We do have organic produce here. I try to eat as much organic as possible. But sometimes I don't as there aren't any of what I am able to eat. For example, lettuce iceberg. Not much from the organic side. And it is VERY expensive.