Tuesday, 6 November 2012

The Monsoon Season That Came One Month Early

We have been having storms EVERY SINGLE DAY!

It can be freaking hot with bright, clear skies in the morning. But by 11 am or 12 noon, you can see the storm brewing on the horizon. 

I have been driving in lashing rains, with extremely poor visibility every single day. We have been stuck in 1 hour plus long traffic jams. I even tried detouring as we were stuck in a standstill traffic jam as the flood was so bad that no car could pass. Not even lorries. I ended driving into a wrong lane on the OPPOSITE direction in the rain!!!

Joel said this to me, 'Mommie, even though I am not driving the car, I am extremely stressed out sitting at the back here!' 

It was very stressful as we had to even drive through flash floods. I really am very grateful to be driving a four-wheel drive. I am VERY thankful to have discovered WAZE, which is a GPS system. Yesterday, we took a road which I had only used once, back in March. I roughly remembered the road but in the rain, and with some road closures, WAZE was indeed a comfort.

The river which is next to the road to Joel's school rose to a very scary level. It has not risen to this level at all.

Thus, we stayed at home today. And yes, the lashing storm came again today and I was very glad that we were not on the road. Besides, my blood pressure was low in the afternoon and I sort of collapsed on the bed and fell into a drowning sleep. Joel was amazing, played by himself and as usual build his inventions and told stories. 

The current was very strong and fast. We could see the rubbish flowing along at great speed. And many tall trees which were at the bank of the river were all submerged. Only the tip of the top leaves were visible.

The river looking very ominous!
I felt like the river was going to burst onto the road and sweep us away! Definitely too many Hollywood movies! Haha!

Click here to read more about our current monsoon season. We were caught in two of the flash floods that happened yesterday.

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  1. So glad you are staying home now! Scary. Our river is very high, but no flooding yet.