Saturday, 3 November 2012

The Little Engine

Little Engine had gotten its engine fixed. It also had brand new spanking tires and a body wax that shone 'till one could use it as a mirror! Little Engine was pleased that it could now resume its journey.  

Little Engine revved up its brand new engine and was all ready to go. And as the Little Engine stepped on the accelerator, it slammed on its brakes. 

'Where should I go?'

Oh my God!!!

'I do not know where to go!!!!!'

Little Engine switched off its engine and went deep into thought.

'I could go to the sea to play with the dolphins.' 

'Or I could go to the mountains to enjoy the fresh, mountain air.'

'Better still, I could be in the fields of gold and enjoy the beautiful sunset.'

Little Engine decided to Waze to find out which roads were the best roads to take. But as Little Engine started to Waze, it realized that it did not know where to go... 

Little Engine was stumped. Even with a brand new engine, it was heading no where...


  1. The Engine needs a good map. Or a travel agent. Or a life coach. I always thought it would be fun to be a life coach.