Sunday, 9 December 2012

Game of Thrones

Yes, this is another post on poop! You must be thinking that I must be going bonkers with all these poop posts. But for people like me who deal with IA in our everyday lives, a day of calm intestines and stomach is a call for celebration.

But how we are doing it is a cause for concern.

You must be thinking, 'What the hell is she talking about? She has her own throne in her home!!!! Ridiculous!'

That's where you are wrong.

The throne IS the problem.

Pooping on a throne (or commonly known as a sitting toilet) is a main cause for hemorrhoids. And this can lead to diverticular disease, which is an age-related condition that pretty much only occurs in parts of the world where sitting toilets are used and which can lead to colonic obstruction. Imagine wanting to pass motion but being unable to and instead end up on the floor writhing in pain and passing out from it and waking up six-feet-under.

No wonder the human kind is getting more and more constipated.

A study which was done in 2003 found that 28 people who pooped in three positions did it best when they were SQUATTING! The ones who pooped while sitting on a high toilet and on a lower ones pooped much slower.

According to proctologists, 'We're not meant to sit on toilets, we were meant to squat in the field.' When we are in a sitting or standing position, we're forming an angle between where the poop is and where the poop comes out. There is even a muscle whose purpose is to tighten things up when we're sitting or standing to prevent accidents. Squatting straightens out this angle and removes the chokehold.

Damn! Another screw up!

I grew up pooping in a squatting position. Unfortunately, I have been promoted to the throne. Most of the new houses don't build squatting toilets anymore. I guess we'll be seeing more and more constipated people with twisted intestines.

Read the SQUATTY POTTY and the SQUATPOOP to understand more.

Game of Thrones anyone?? Haha!

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