Friday, 14 March 2014

The Hazardous Hazard!

It is currently very shitty and stressful to be living in the Klang Valley at the moment. The weather has been so dry that the temperature soared to 40+C early this week. And some of the dams (especially the one that our water comes from) has reached a critical level of only 40% water. It hasn't rained at the dams for god-knows-how-long.

And the haze has been so bloody persistent, vicious, and has such a tenacious grip on our airspace that we are suffocating beyond words.

The two pictures below were taken by a friend of mine who lives not far away from my place:

This ain't the mist, it's the bloody haze!

This was taken by my parents. This was yesterday's situation.
This is today. 

You can see how we are suffering, what more with the water rationing and the heat.

Joel's school had shut-down today. So are some of other schools. I think the government should just shut everything down until this gets blown away. This is so detrimental to everyone's health.

Just take a look at the ash. It's everywhere, and everyday affair. And there's no water to wash this away. 
This was all over the porch, plants, car ... EVERYWHERE after a severe burning, acrid smell episode.
How I miss clear skies like this......
Please pray for us. Pray for rain clouds to unleash all its fury at the dams and to wash away all this smog that is killing us slowly but surely...


  1. Where is all that smoke coming from? Maybe the government needs to invest in giant fans and blow it all back where it came from?

    So sorry for you.

    1. The smog is 'home-grown'. THE government needs to be more strict and stringent where the laws are concerned about open burning.

      The weather is so hot that peat fires are erupting everywhere. Plus open burning, pollution, car fumes and etc, BOOM! We have our own home-grown haze!