Thursday, 17 July 2014

Baking Soda Rescued The Peas!

The green peas which I had bought from the organic shop were a pain in the ass. They refused to soften no matter what I did to them. I think if they were around during Jesus' time, he would have yelled at them, 'You stiff necked peas!' I think the peas were 1000 years old.

I had soaked them for almost 24 hours.

And then I boiled them for 2 hours.

And they were as hard as ever. I think they overdosed on Viagra.

And then it struck me!

Why not add some baking soda to the water?

I did!

And they softened within 15 minutes.


Baking soda saved the peas!

Here's a link which I found after I experimented! Click on LINK.