Friday, 25 July 2014

Home Sweet Home!

I'm beat today as I drove for 4 hours back. We came home one day early as it would be a horrifying traffic jam as many would be on the way home to their kampungs as it is the Hari Raya on Monday. We had a smooth journey home.

I'll be snoring like a walrus tonight!


  1. What are your most popular religions in Malaysia? Is Islam a big one? I looked up "kampungs" online...? Who lives in kampungs?

    It amazes me how little I know about Malaysia and how much I've learned about it since I've known you.

    1. Islam is the main religion in Malaysia. The others are Buddhism, Christianity, Taoism, Hinduism...etc.

      The 'kampung' is the people's hometown. Many of the 'urbanites' family members live at their 'kampung'. So when it is a festive season, we have huge migration of people traveling back to their 'kampung'.

    2. Well, I know not to trust the web. Online it looked like kampungs were village slums...

      I had no idea Islam was the main religion. Do all the religions get along?

    3. Search for 'Malaysian kampung'.

      Mostly do....