Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Same Old, Same Old

So on Monday morning we went to Tan Tock Sing to see the immunologist. His answer to my condition did not surprise me a bit. It was 'No solution, no answer and no cure.' He labeled it as Idiopathic Food and Environmental Intolerances/Sensitivities. 

He also said to slowly experiment in new foods and to also get rid of the mentality of being afraid to try/being afraid of going into shock. 

He said that it is unlikely for these reactions to food to result in an anaphylactic attack. 

As for eating out, he told me to find a restaurant that would specifically cater to my needs and to stick to only one place and not go all over to eat. Eating out is a problem as there are too many herbs, spices and additives which are used. Even a change of chef on that day could pose a problem. He told me to only go for 'bland-outside-food'.

As for now I will maintain my normal way of living until I-don't-know-when...


  1. Well, at least he recognizes environmental sensitivities! So rare any doctor does these days. He thinks food doesn't result in anaphylactic attacks? Don't you react that way to foods?

    I think he doesn't have a clue if he thinks restaurants can cater to your needs, but I think it's strange that he thinks eating at a restaurant is a requirement. Who needs to eat at a restaurant anyway? Yeah, it's nice to have someone cook for you, but then you have to risk people blowing their noses in your food or spitting in it, forgetting to wash their hands after going to the restroom. Restaurant food is overrated. Maybe you could find "blank-outside-food" but again, he doesn't seem to really understand. You should have asked him, "WHERE???".

    1. I reacted to peanuts and Joel's baby milk, ISOMIL.

      I asked him, he said that I would have to experiment!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hi Evelyn, It's me Cynthia. It's been a while. Since 2011, I had pretty much been in remission. I saw several naturopathic/alternative doctors and was taken off gluten, which really helped. But last June, I went back to eating it and who knows what stresses and some other accidents, like bleach spilling all over the kitchen floor...inhaling it and feeling like I was going to stop breathing...Ugh. Anyway, here I am back to square one: Eating my chicken, lettuce, rice again...Some turkey. My recent reaction was to beef. I don't think I'll be having that anymore. Two medical doctors recently told me there is nothing they can do for food allergies, just avoidance and an epi pen. I'm feeling defeated. Came over recently to see how well you are doing! That's wonderful. What do you think has helped you the most? I am desperate for some good advice from someone who knows. All the best to you. Best health, Cynthia

    1. Yeah, bleach is a no-no for me too! I think taking it slow bit by bit is the best.