Friday, 16 January 2015

Birthed Forth!

Do you see what I see?


  1. LOL! I don't see a thing, but I know there must be shrimp babies in there somewhere! What happened to the others? Did they get eaten?

    1. There has been massive deaths everyday. Something is wrong with the water and we still don't know why!

    2. Acid...if you have too many living things in an aquarium the water becomes too acidic. On the other hand if you don't exchange the bad water with good water in perfect proportions, you have imbalance. If the water you are using to replace is contaminated, that's a problem, too. Aquariums are difficult. I had them for years and found them to be really stressful especially when everything would start dying and by the time I figured it out everything was dead. Too much death for me.

    3. This particular shrimp thrives in acidic water. The tap water spiked to 8 as I think they added loads and loads of chlorine and fluoride. The water had such a horrible smell. Anyway we washed everything yesterday and shall wait to see whether it has settled over the next week. If it had then HOORAY! If not we will let it cycle again and start anew. Joel loves his shrimps to death.