Friday, 5 June 2015

Bracing for Life with Braces

Joel went to the dentist and got his braces done on Sunday. He's been in a lot of discomfort and pain. Thus, he can only have a soft diet at the moment until he adjusts to the braces.

At first it was just chicken porridge.

And then he had yoghurt.

Now it's soft rice with steamed fish and soft vegetables. And a bowl of soup.

I realised that this diet is also suitable for us people when we have our attacks which end up with constant and never ending trips to the toilet. Soft food is heaven-sent!

So I'll be starting a new series called 'The Braces Diet'.

If you have any helpful suggestions or recipes, do not hesitate to post your comments!


  1. Poor Joel! It shouldn't take too long for it to adjust? Then every time he goes in do they have to tighten them?

    1. Yes, they will tighten it every time he goes in. He's adjusted now.