Monday, 29 June 2015

Did You Know....

... That drying your fruits (dehydrating) causes massive loss of nutrients? 30 to 80% of its vitamins and antioxidant contents are GONE!

High heat during the drying process destroys the vitamins.

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  1. Have just been wondering if fruit might keep more of their nutrients but not increase in histamines when drying by dipping in an aniti oxident first. When I was little, stopped breathing after lunch at school, only lasted a few minutes ,but realized later was from the dried apricots that had sulfur dioxide added. After that my mother dried apricots dipping them in vitamin C powder she put water in. Now, much older and trying to figure if salicylates has been a problem, as had realized do better without wheat, then oxalates, but still get histamine reactions. Am trying to increase sulfates that help deal with salic, , think they call it a PST enzyme, Thank you got recipes and research! Be Well (have found my frame of mind helps me the most, not the food,though enjoy experimenting ) Lynn D

    1. Hi Lynn! Thanks for dropping by. I don't know whether by dipping the fruit in an anti-oxidant would help. Would need to do more reading up on that.