Tuesday, 7 November 2017

An Update!

Today is the 161th day!!!! The body is slowly forgetting Xyzal. Sometimes the craving still comes. But it has lessened considerably a lot!

I've been extremely busy experimenting with food. Hehe... There were times where my bucket overflowed because I couldn't resist high-salicylates food. Then it was back to low-salicylates. I still am not strong enough to try outside food yet. But life is good. And I'm very thankful and grateful to be at this stage. Health is truly wealth!

I've also been walking 10K steps everyday. Walking makes a huge difference. It helped strengthen the immune system. It also helped me de-stress. It also helped loosen some very tight muscles.

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  1. Congratulations on success. Success is good! Wow, still craving after all that time. The effects of drugs are scary.

    1. Thanks! Yes, imagine what it did for 8 years plus....