Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Product Review (2) - Ecover Washing-Up Liquid

 Today's product review is Ecover washing-up liquid.
Chamomile & Marigold
Lemon & Aloe Vera
(I did not realise that this picture is the product BEFORE the latest ones. The ones I bought do not have FRAGRANCE as in the picture above.)
This is the one I have, the older version.

I have been using these for years now. They are gentle on the hands. The smell is very, VERY faint and that was what caught my attention. It hardly had any smell.

When I first bought this many, MANY years ago, it was only approximately about RM15 for 1 litre. Now it costs RM23+ at many supermarkets and hardware shops. But ACE Hardware is still selling this for RM20+.

*The ingredients are plant-based. They are DI water (deionized water), sodium lauryl sulfate which is derived from plant oil (coconut oil), lauryl/myristyl glucoside which is derived from plant sugars and oils, ethanol which is from fermented plant sugars, sodium chloride (salt), glycerin from vegetable oil, sodium citrate from plant sugars, citric acid derived from fermented plant sugars and T-butyl alcohol which is from fermented plant sugars.

*taken from HERE

Apparently they have a fragrance-free wash liquid but I've never seen this in Malaysia.

Not only do I use these two for my dishes, I use them for my bathrooms. Yes, I use them to wash the bathrooms! They work very well. 1 litre can last for 9 months! After every wash, the bathrooms do not smell as though they got bombed by chemical-fragrance bombs. And they clean the bathrooms very well. No residue and no smell!

Unfortunately, when I find something suitable, the universe will go all out against me. Products are either discontinued or have their ingredients changed.

The revamped products: IMPROVED FRAGRANCE!
I don't know how strong the scents are. I haven't taken a whiff of the new improved versions. I have not bought the new ones as I still have a lot of the old ones.

I might have to start scouting for new smell-free washing up liquid with reasonable prices.

Verdict: The old version was awesome. No comments/feedback on the new ones.


  1. You are brave! It says right on the bottle FRAGRANCE which means "POISON". Sodium lauryl sulfate is a cancer causing toxin, glycerin is toxic, ethanol is toxic...besides the obvious POISON, I mean FRAGRANCE posted right on the label and you know the stink is toxic chemicals.

    1. I did not realise that 'FRAGRANCE' was on the bottle in one of the pictures above. I assumed it didn't as all of mine do not have the word 'FRAGRANCE' as they are all many, many, many years old! They are the old versions. I've edited the picture and captions. Added a picture of the ones that I have at home. Like I said, the older versions are good. I don't have any comments on the newer ones.

  2. I stuck my nose into one of those today...stinky! Isn't there any other product you could use? Keep in mind, even if the stink doesn't bother you, it effects someone and if you buy the product, you promote its manufacturing which only makes them want to make more. Write the company a letter and tell them you want zero scent not "improved poison".

    1. As I've said, I have the old ones. Not the newer ones.