Friday, 9 March 2018

9 Years!

9 years ago on this very day, my life changed in ways I could never ever dream of. I could never be 'normal' ever again. It was very difficult as I had a child who was at that time, 4 years old. But it was the 4 year-old-child that kept me going.

I can't say that my immune system is 100% back on track. But I can say that I'm much better where salicylates are concerned. And I've managed to wean off my meds. I'm still in the midst of climbing the icy-mountain chemically-wise. Like my immunologist said, "There are tens of thousands of chemicals in the world. And hundreds are being produced in the shortest amount of time. There are no tests in the world to test which ones are causing havoc. You will never find the answer to this. It is a life-long fight. You just have to learn to maneuver your life."

I guess avoidance has done my immune system much good. By avoiding salicylates, chemicals and unhealthy food, it has given my immune system a chance to heal. Not only did my body heal, my soul healed too.

I no longer ask questions such as, "WHY ME?" or "WHEN will all this end?". I no longer feel that life is unfair. I don't think, "IF ONLY" or "WHAT IF". I have moved on.

Shit happened. And there's nothing that can be done about it.

But this journey has made me to be so much stronger. Made me to be much more resilient. (My husband promoted me from Woman of Steel to Woman of Titanium!) Taught me to be patient. Learned to let go of a lot of things in life. Learned to finally be confident of who I am and couldn't give a damn of what others think of me. Taught me to finally be free of Fear. And I finally learned what Life is all about. I'm grateful and thankful for this journey.

In ancient Greece and Egypt, the number 9 represents completion. As this journey reaches another phase, may the completion of this era bring much health, peace and joy!

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