Thursday, 22 March 2018

Product Review (5) - Vogmask

These are masks which have N99 particle filtering media. The masks have a carbon filter for odour too.

These masks have a exhalation valve filter which makes it easier to breathe.

It can be hand-washed but it has a lifespan.

I find that it works better than the cloth masks which do not have the valve filter. The valve filter really does help and makes breathing easier. It's not stuffy and does not heat up. It also filters horrible smells. The only setback is that it is quite pricey as one costs about RM120+ each.

I think it is a good investment. But I only use them when I need to use masks at a long interval. If I need masks for a short interval, I would use the ones without the valves. That way, the Vogmasks can last longer.

Vogmask also sells masks with DUAL valve filters.

To find out more about Vogmask, click on LINK.

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