Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Lettuce Iceberg Core & Oil

I found a new vegetable shop nearby my place. They have lovely vegetables from Cameron Highlands everyday as the owner has a farm there.

I bought lettuce iceberg from him as iceberg lettuce is low in salicylate and also low in FODMAP! He told me that it is a common practice for many vegetable sellers to apply oil at the base/core of the iceberg lettuce to further prevent it from rotting.

That was the first time I heard of such a practice.

And then I realised why many times the lettuce icebergs which were kept in plastic bags had solidified/cloudy oil residue at the bottom of the bags. (From supermarkets at many different malls)

I then asked him what was the oil that he used for this purpose as I can't take peanut oil.

He went to the back of his shop and brought the bottle out to show me.

I've used this oil before. But I don't anymore as I found it to be too oily. And I didn't like that it was in a plastic bottle and that the bottle was not opaque to keep the oil from getting rancid. 

Have you heard of such a practice?


  1. Never heard of that, but I don't think I've ever seen fresh lettuce in plastic. You'd think in your hotter climate it would make it go bad faster? Or maybe it doesn't matter since the weather is so much hotter? Is the lettuce organic or do they still use pesticides? Organic lettuce goes bad so fast. It sounds like a good trick to keep their profits from rotting away as long as you can tolerate sunflower oil.

    1. Everything seems to be in plastic!!!!!

      Even the organic ones are in plastic.

      Well, I just chopped the core off. But it was a shock to find out such a practice.