Sunday, 10 June 2018

Shit Happened! (Part 3)

I saw Mr. Gastro and he was in a conundrum to whether I should be scoped. I like Mr. Gastro as he doesn't scope for no reason. If it can be avoided, he would avoid it. He was unlike Dr. Rockstar who scoped so frequently for every single discomfort and pain.

But in the end, he decided to do an endoscopy as he wanted to get to the bottom of this.

I fasted as usual and requested to be anesthetic-free (as usual too).

He was thorough and "so extremely slllllllooooooow" with the scope being inside of me as he wanted to take a good look on the inside. He also took many biopsies of my esophagus.

Once the scope was done, I was wheeled out to the resting area. Mr. Gastro said what he saw on the insides of me did not match the level of the pain and intensity of the pain which I had described to him. He was very perplexed. I did not have ulcers. My duodenum which had caused me reflux 20 years ago was no longer sluggish. My stomach had no ulcers and tears. I had no esophagitis.

He had two theories: I had a 'nut-cracker-esophagus-syndrome' OR 'eosinophilic esophagitis'. The 'nut-cracker-esophagus-syndrome' causes sudden crunching pain like a nut cracker. 'Eosinophilic esophagitis' is the esophagus having allergic reactions to certain food. That was why he took many biopsies of my esophagus from top to bottom. If a type of white blood cell called "eosinophils" are found in the esophagus, then it confirms his second theory. The "eosinophils" do not belong in the esophagus.

He gave me Adalat to stop the severe crunching pain in my esophagus. He also placed me on Nexium 40mg twice a day. I was instructed to keep a food diary.

I fell into the abyss of depression.

I went back to see him a week later and the results were all negative. I did not have an allergic esophagus.

Still the pain persisted. The burning sensations in the mouth and throat.

I was placed on Nexium 40mg twice a day and Adalat for one month.

I sank further into the abyss....


  1. Good god, doctors are incredibly useless! I know exactly how you are feeling! Is it better if you don't eat? Or worse? So what does he say the next step is?

    1. It was the same whether I ate or did not eat. Mr. Gastro believed that some FODMAP caused it.