Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Shit Happened (Part 5)

The peace and quiet in the stomach did not last long at all.

It came back with vengeance. The reflux cough came back. The rusty phlegm came back. I could taste blood in my mouth. The pain in the gums and teeth came back. The burning sensation in my mouth and throat came back. I started regurgitating food back up again! I could taste acid 24/7.

I felt so down trodden. Life was being really unfair to me. I felt that I was not being given an opportunity by Life to be pain-free. I was really exhausted, perplexed and thoughts of throwing in the towel flooded my mind constantly. I was so, so very tired. I was drained.

I kept going through my food diary to see what I was doing wrong. Was it the Hong Kong choy sum which I was buying? Hong Kong choy sum is notorious for pesticides. I stopped eating that. Weeks went by but the pain and the symptoms still persisted. Mr. Gastro did say that if the pain returned, I was to take a Tramadol to ease the pain. I refused to take Tramadol unless it is absolutely necessary as that's the only pain-relief medication which I have. I don't have any other options.

I stopped all dairy. No more lactose-free milk or butter. The pain still persisted.

Could it be the grapes? I stopped the grapes. Went back to only 2 cubes of papaya and bananas as fruits. And yet the pain persisted.

Maybe it needed time. Time came, went and left and yet I was still stuck in pain.

And then things got worse. I started to have muscle weakness, tremors, bad muscle cramps in the leg, twitching which lasted the whole day, frequent palpitations and severe hunger pangs.

Have I become diabetic somehow? Was it Parkinson's? What if it was my thyroid? It also could be the peri-menopause stage that I am currently in.

I went to see my ENT to get my thyroid checked out. He decided to run a full range of blood tests...

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  1. Make sure he runs ALL the thyroid tests, not just one or two. Have him do the antibody test. Still, a lot of people have normal thyroid tests and still have symptoms. Muscle weakness, tremors, cramps and palpitations are classic thyroid symptoms.

    And then email me a list of all the foods you are eating and I'll see if I can pinpoint any culprits. At this point, I know way too much about problem foods. See if you can find anyone to run some food sensitivity tests. These aren't allergy tests (IgA) but IgG.

    Stop eating all fresh fruits and vegetables. I know that's weird. That's what I've had to do. I can't tolerate fresh anymore. They are really hard on your digestion if you have gut problems.