Monday, 20 January 2014

Fishy Friends

It all started out as a holiday project.

And now, they have become a part of the family.

We even talk to THEM!

Yes, we talk to fishes.

Cute little ones.
Our Clown Loaches
The dominant fish will turn its black stripes to a lighter shade of gray to show its dominance. 

Some of the Cardinal Tetras that we have. The algae eater is in the earthen pot. 
They love to eat vegetables too! Only the organic ones! See how clean they eat! Every single scrap. We have some lean and mean eating machines!

Guppies, Cardinal Tetras and Harlequin Resbora fish. 
It is very therapeutic and helps reduce stress. I can gaze at them for an hour and just feel the stress melt away. As I am allergic to pet hair/fur, this is the best option.

How I love my fishy friends.


  1. Well? What are their names????

    I've had fish on and off all my life. I catered my step-sister's wedding and she wanted an ocean-themed reception so I had bowls of goldfish on the tables as centerpieces. At the end we didn't know what to do with all the fish so I started giving them away to the kids. I ended up with six myself and had them for about ten years. They started as little one inch fish and ended up about seven inches long in a 100 gallon tank. Beautiful to watch. Better than TV. When I'd come home from work they would start splashing and hitting the top of the aquarium. If I waved my hand over the water they'd jump out and "kiss" my hand. Great fun to have visiting kids do that and freak out when the fish "bit" them. HAHAHAHA (I'm evil.) Wonderful pets. When I moved out of state I gave them to a friend who had a huge pond. It was sad.

    Japanese tradition says goldfish will take on all illness and negativity out of your home and away from you. When I was poisoned all the fish I had died. I'd get more and they all died. I wasn't sure if it was where I was living (probably) or my newly acquired sensitivity (probably). My last goldfish "Sushi" hung on for about five years, kept getting sick, but no remedies would help her. Finally when she was beyond help and obviously suffering I took her out of her bowl and held her in my hand. She was so sick and weak she didn't even struggle. I cried for days. That was too hard. I don't have fish anymore, but I have lots of good memories.

    1. Well, Joel had two Albino Bueres Aires Tetra. One was smaller and the other bigger one was a hell of a bully. The smaller one fell sick (I think because of the stress caused by the bully - I call him the Badass). Joel loved the small one. He called it Cutie.

      I don't know why we never named the rest. I guess there are too many of them.

      The guppies are flashing and 3 have died after giving birth. I've quarantined them and am doing more frequent water changes.

    2. Be careful with too many water changes or the pH will become imbalanced. Also, if you end up with too many fish in the tank, they may start dying due to too much ammonia in the water or they'll start eating each other to compensate for lack of space. Survival of the fittest. To compensate changing the water a lot will help the ammonia, but it's better to have less fish. This is the disadvantage of breeding. You probably already know this...

      Bullies are so intolerable....even as fish!