Monday, 6 January 2014

My 1st Post-Op Outing!

Last Friday was my first post-op outing and long-distance-driving (as in 30+ kilometers) after a forced-hiatus for 5 weeks. My car which was only moved twice during the 5 weeks was showing signs of being ill. The engine had some trouble starting and the air-con smelt like a dog died in there.

So hubby sent the car to the workshop in the morning. Little boy and I then went to pick him up. I wore diapers while I drove as the bladder is still not back to normal. My muscles are still not strong enough to hold my urine.

I sat on a rolled-up seat cushion while I drove. I rolled it up and place it underneath my coccyx and anus. It wasn't exactly comfortable, but it lessened the weight on the anus. Little boy said I was driving like normal. About a week ago, I took little boy for a 15 minute drive around our gated community (this was my first attempt at driving after the op) and little boy said I was driving very weirdly. 'You're driving not like you, mommie,' he said. By the end of that drive, anus was throbbing as I had not yet bought the seat cushion.

As last Friday was little boy's birthday, we took him out for lunch. We also met up with a good old friend who is working in Bucharest who was back on holiday. It was a lovely outing and we had a great time catching up. I brought my seat cushion and sat on it wherever and whenever I had to sit down.

The car was only ready at nearly 5pm! I was out since 10am. I was tired. And driving home took another 1 hour plus because it was pouring and the traffic jam was awful! But I had my bum-bum cushion and that helped a lot. By the time I reached home, the wound was painful. I rushed to the toilet to pee and then it was sitz bath time. The salt bath which was given to me by the surgeon really helped with the healing of the wound.

Tomorrow will be back-to-driving-to-school for me. Hubby took leave today as the first day of school traffic is horrendous. It's like back to the rat race. Thus, I get to rest for one more day.

I love what my friend bought for me from Bucharest. Doesn't the suspended bum looks just like mine? Hehe...


  1. Hooray for driving with a butt cushion!!! You are getting better all the time!