Tuesday, 28 January 2014

The 'Problem'

So when Mr. Urologist came by this morning, I told him straightaway that the test confirmed that I had a problem right???!!!

He told me to take a seat as he has to discuss it with me.

Yes, he said that I have a problem.


I have a problem with my bladder. And he was WORRIED!!!


He said if this continues, my bladder will be damaged and my kidneys will be too.

There is a possibility that I have to take the  medication which he has given me (Tamlusolin Hydrochloride)  for my whole life. 

And he has given me two options which  I must decide by lunch.

I have to stay for a week with a catheter inside my bladder and slowly retrain it to pee. 


I could go home and self-catheter 4 times a day to drain whatever urine that is left inside after peeing. I have to 'poke' myself for 4 times a day??!!!

The risk for UTI is the same for both. The urine being left behind in the bladder is also a risk for UTI AND bladder/kidney failure.

A 'problem' indeed.

A 'Catch-22' is more like it.


  1. Google 'irritable bladder' or 'over active bladder'. You describe most of the symptoms and the information on treatment may help

  2. Google 'irritable bladder' to check out your symptoms and treatment

  3. Did you say HA! as loud as possible when he told you he had a problem? And did you ask, "Suppose I actually listened to your bullshit and assumed I didn't have a problem?"

    So...do you believe what he is saying now??? He obviously isn't competent. I'd be inclined to find another doctor...fast.

    1. Yes, seeing another urologist on Monday!

  4. Can't they hook you up to a catheter and all you do is empty the bag all day? I'd opt for going home. Those people scare me. And then find another doctor. He has no idea what he is even saying, but he's telling you you'll need to be on drugs the rest of your life? What a dumb shit.

  5. MultipleChemicalSurvivor29 January 2014 at 02:28

    I just read a little on Tamlusolin Hydrochloride - it's for enlarged prostates. If you have difficulty with erections, see your doctor.

    So, what exactly are they doing to get rid of the infection or whatever is causing the blockage? It seems this drug is just to get the urine out, which is fine, but if they don't do anything for the infection the problem persists? (I know I don't understand any of the details or anything that is going on, but I'm just concerned...)

    1. Ive stopped the medication. I was having very bad allergy reactions to it.