Thursday, 23 January 2014

Gone With The Fish

They are a LOT of work.

They are fishy.

They cost money!

And I am talking about fish. As pets!

When Joel was on his summer break, I got him some fish to keep him occupied and to train him to be responsible for other living things. He had wanted a pet (a DOG to be more specific). Of course I balked at the idea. Dogs??!! I'm allergic to anything that has fur. Even after stepping into a pet shop that has furry creatures, (I don't even go near to the furry animals section), my nose will be irritated.

Fish is the best.

That was what I had thought. The fishes must have been laughing their gills out.

You love them, but it is a tedious job caring for them.

They are like little children. It is not EASY taking care of them.
  • The water cannot be too cold. They will be very susceptible to parasite infections. 
  • They do not know how to stop eating. Thus, you must time their feedings accordingly so that they will not overeat and die of indigestion. 
  • You must watch out for ammonia (which is rotten food and their poop). If not they will die.
  • You must CLEAN and change water regularly for the fish to be HEALTHY.
  • You must not frighten them or shock them. Their immune system will be low and hence, susceptible to diseases. 
  • If you notice one of them being ill, separate and quarantine the sick fish!
  • Blah blah blah blah blah....
Gosh! It was like having many more kids. Tons of extra kids.

Therapeutic. Calm. Peaceful. (For me that is, WHEN I am gazing at them.)
But when they fall sick ............

Not a care in the world.
Day in, day out.
They poop.
They eat.
They sleep.
Just swimming here and there.
Oblivious to their surroundings.
Or rather stuck in their four-cornered-peaceful-little-world.

Or not.

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